Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth? Come to Our Columbia Falls Office

Sensitive teeth? Call usMany people complain that their teeth are sensitive to hot and cold beverages, cool air, or brushing. Over time, tooth enamel can be worn away or gums can recede, exposing root surface, leading to sensitivity. This exposed layer of tooth structure contains tubules (microscopic passageways) that connect to the nerve endings within the tooth. If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, there may be an underlying issue going on in your mouth.  If over-the-counter sensitivity toothpastes are ineffective, we have several non-invasive solutions performed in our office.

What Our Patient Says

"Dr. Evon and her staff are great! She takes a lot of time to understand you and explain your options, her advise and any and all costs. In addition, she's so nice and easy to talk to about everyday things. I felt very at ease there and received excellent dental treatment."
- Heather
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